First Look Friday: Emily + Grant by Off The Beaten Path Weddings, Photos by onelove photography

Welcome to another First Look Friday! We hope you remember this awesome couple… to us, they will always remind us of the word, “WOOPA” as they created it and made it the theme of their wedding. Haven’t seen it yet? Check out WOOPA here. But first, check out how this Bridechilla™ sneaks up on her guy… happy FLF!

Emily-and-GrantAnd thank you SO much to our friends at onelove photography for capturing this special moment between Emily and Grant! Remember to enjoy the rest of this Bridechilla™’s chill day on Style Me Pretty. And of course, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!


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Off The Beaten Path Weddings Video by Steven Bailey


/ woo-pa! /
I. adj: a term to express excitement, joy, or happiness.
II. noun: the official Wood/Patrino wedding motto.

Grant & Emily – Highlights from Steven Bailey on Vimeo.

Woopa…the perfect  word for Emily and Grant’s amazing wedding celebration in Calistoga, California. Using both their last names—Wood and Patrino, they created the perfect “theme” of the day – WOOPA. They built an amazing Marque that flashed WOOPA   and even had handmade “woopie pies” as favors for all the guests. FUN was had by all!!


Congratulations Grant and Emily!