Bridechilla™ Tip #57

Tip #57 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ by Off The Beaten Path Weddings – Make the love of your life smile before you even walk down the aisle with this chill idea!

Love-noteThings you’ll need:

  • Flower girl
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • And a few sweet words of LOVE

Chances are you already have 75% of these things, so all you need to know now is what to do with them. Remember, this will take you 5 minutes to do and it can even wait until the day of your wedding (yes, this is a procrastinator friendly tip!) because it is so simple and such a sweet gesture for that person waiting at the end of the aisle for you.

Love note (by EmDashPaperCo on Etsy)

Simply ask your flower girl to walk down the aisle as planned, except at the end, have her hand a note to the groom as soon as she’s there. Your note can say something sweet, like “I can’t wait to marry you” or “I can’t wait to kiss you”, anything your heart desires to say GOES! This Bridechilla™ Tip is soooo simple and will definitely put a smile on his/her face right before you come in to view.

Love youWe love these love notes by elyellapaperdesigns on Etsy too!

This big

Happy love note writing ‘chillas!



Bridechilla™ Tip #56


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Tip #56 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ by Off The Beaten Path Weddings – Have an OYSTER BAR at your wedding or next party! Let’s turn your wedding in to a celebration with something fun, fresh, AND unique. Oysters, … Continue reading

Bridechilla™ Tip #55

Tip #55 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ by Off The Beaten Path Weddings – Talking table decor? Let us inspire you with some of our earth-to-table designs.

As our wedding season is approaching, we can’t help but have our blog bursting with tons of inspiration from our recent seasons. Spring has begun which means there are florals, herbs, succulents, and many other elements we love to design with available. Paired with carefully chosen linens, moss and vintage wood boxes, birch, mercury glass, and much more, these are our original designs that are made to inspire and be the foundation to a beautiful day – from start to finish.

off-the-beaten-path-weddings-design1These images are straight from real Off The Beaten Path Weddings, and completely original! So start saving your favorites so you can have your event designer see what you want!

Off The Beaten Path Weddings DesignWe are in love with each and every one of these details and hope you’ve found more than enough to get you thinking about your tables. To make sharing easier for you, save this online lookbook of our table designs!

Happy designing!


Photo Credits: onelove photography,WENDY K YALOM PHOTOGRAPHY, Michelle Kim Photography, Matt Edge Photography

Bridechilla™ Tip #54

Tip #54 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ by Off The Beaten Path Weddings – Start thinking about YOUR bouquet recipe and get inspired with some of our personal floral designs!

Personal Florals by Off The Beaten Path WeddingsLast week we introduced some really chill cocktails, and before that we were helping you choose that perfect craft beer to serve at your wedding, and the previous week we were talking about including rosemary in your tablescape… SOOOO I guess you can say we are getting excited for the upcoming season and want to help prepare our readers.

Personal Florals by Off The Beaten Path Weddings So this week, we are at it again! In the spirit of SPRING, we can’t help but talk blooms. Yes, those pretty little things popping out of the ground lately. We’re loving all the colors growing around us and want to share some with you!

Personal Florals by Off The Beaten Path WeddingsReady to be inspired? Straight from some real Off The Beaten Path Weddings, here are some of our bouquets from the 2013 season… Save your favorites so you can have your floral designer see what you want!

Personal Florals by Off The Beaten Path WeddingsOr stick with us until the end and see how you can DIY your own Bridal Bouquet… it just might be easier than you think.

Personal Florals by Off The Beaten Path WeddingsIs your favorite bloom something as simple as a coral Tulip? Simplicity is elegance, if you ask us. Take your favorite flower to use strictly  in your bouquet… use what inspires you! Fall in love with simplicity…

Personal Florals by Off The Beaten Path WeddingsRemember choosing a bouquet ingredients and colors for your bridesmaids includes using florals that will go with the overall look. That means contrasting the colors in their bouquets with the color of their bridesmaid dresses… make those florals POP!

Personal Florals by Off The Beaten Path WeddingsOr go softer with a classic white bouquet if you’re doing a neutral color palette. You can’t go wrong with this these soft tones…

Personal Florals by Off The Beaten Path WeddingsThe choice is yours! Colorful bouquet or classic white bouquet? Choose your bloom.Personal Florals by Off The Beaten Path WeddingsAnd now for the DIY Bridechilla™… this is for you! It’s time to put those hands to work and create your own wedding bouquet (or simply something pretty to have around the house). Below you will find a bouquet recipe you just might love as much as us!

Bouquet recipe!Recipe for the PERFECT SPRING BOUQUET:
You’ll need…

  • Astilbes
  • Ferns
  • Seeded eucalyptus
  • Succulents
  • Garden roses

This vintage peach bouquet is soft, perfect for spring, and also has a statement succulent that has us absolutely in love with it.

Personal Florals by Off The Beaten Path Weddings

Hopefully this floral inspiration has gotten the ideas in your head BLOOMING!


Photo Credits: onelove photography, LILI DURKIN PHOTOGRAPHY, Michelle Kim Photography, Matt Edge Photography, ISA PHOTOGRAPHY // RECIPE BY J.F. FLORAL COUTURE

Floral Crown Inspiration For Brides

Well, it’s no secret that we’re in love with floral crowns as a veil alternative (Um, hello?! Have you seen our spring wedding inspiration board?!) and it’s about time we share some of our favorite looks for a chill spring wedding. Flowers in your hair are officially no longer limited to flower girls anymore, so let’s UNVEIL the chill that is hair adornments and accessories for brides.

floral crown inspiration

floral crown bride

Having a floral crown instead of a veil adds a fairytale-esque feeling to your chill day, and it’s become something that you can even make on your own. Check out the DIY by Hello May by clicking the image below!

diy floral crown
If any of our Bridechillas take on this DIY we would love to see!


floral haloNow, don’t get us wrong – veils will always be the definition of a classic bridal beauty, but you have to admit that the rose floral crowns above just add a sense of effortless and modern beauty. Just in case you aren’t DIY savvy, below we’ve shared a few great online shops where you can find some of this natural chill beauty for yourself.

floral crown inspiration

  1. Whimsical White Floral Crown by Gardens of Whimsy
  2. Rose Bloom Crown by Nasty Gal
  3. Cherry Blossom Crown by The Honey Comb
  4. Sakura Halo by BHLDN

See, even the pup’s got the idea 😉


Go ahead Bridechillas, it’s time to be unveiled.

Credits: Photo 1 by Life in Still Photography  PHOTO 2 by jose villa
Photo 3 by Erin & Tara  Photo 4 by Kim Le Photography Photo 5 by Eric Boneske


Bridechilla™ Tip #2

Tip #2 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – use flowers that are seasonal. They will be less expensive and very healthy and happy. Purple and green hydrangeas are the perfect addition to an organic color palette and summer wedding. And at this time of year, the hydrangeas are more beautiful than ever. What color will you add to your wedding?