Chill Etsy Finds: Bridesmaid Gifts #2

Since we had so much great feedback on our first round of Etsy Bridesmaid Gifts, we thought it was time to share round TWO of favorite Etsy finds for your chill gals, which we like to refer to as your Bridechilla™ Team. So, we’ve gathered a few more chill gift ideas for the girls in orange. Of course they will be sporting their Team Shirt, but we have some alternative gift ideas for the group of gals that help hold down the chill.  From monogram necklaces and iPhone cases to hair accessories and t-shirts, this Bridechilla™ Team will be fashionably chill with any of these choices.

vintage clutch

Rustic Pleated Clutch Purse by Lolo Sinclair of lolos


Monogrammed iPhone Case by ToGildTheLily


Personalized Initial Necklace by Lana at Lana0Crystal


Charm Bracelet by Michelle at Nutmegjewelrydesigns


Funny Bridesmaid Gift by Erin Duncan at wrenbirdarts (admit it, this one is hilarious!)


Pearl Earrings in Monogrammed Box by Astrid by dutchpearl (Sweet packaging on this one!)


Rose Hair Comb Becca at apocketofposies

And we absolutely love these handmade wallets (can also be coin purses) made by Kristina, shop owner of The Elegant Duck on Etsy. They can come in a variety of colors and are personalized with a letter for each bridesmaid. You can even add a little chill bedazzling with a jewel design.

What are some chill gifts you’ve thought about giving or have given to your bridesmaids?  Always remember that a Bridechilla™ Team Shirt would be a great gift that will remind your bridesmaids that there is no such thing as a bridezilla when it comes to your wedding. What better way to bring the gals together that to unite them with a fab piece of Bridechilla™ wear?


P.S. If you are an Etsy Shop owner and would love to have your item featured on our Chill Etsy Finds, let us know and we will be happy to share it with our readers!