First Look Friday: Father + Daughter by Anna Delores

Happy First Look Friday! Last week we shared a shot-by-shot of Julia + Tom’s First Look… Tom’s face was incredibly endearing as he watched Julia walk down the aisle. That is why we love the first look… but is it always going to be about the groom? No way! The only thing more “awww” worthy than a tear-struck groom is seeing the father of the bride’s face when he FIRST sees his little girl… see below!

FIRSTLOOKFRIDAYannadeloresSee? Sweetest. Thing. Ever. Thank you SO much to Anna Delores for capturing this special moment between this father and daughter! And be sure to check out our Bridechilla™ Tip on why it’s so great to capture the first look between bride and father. With that being said, Hopefully everyone has a great weekend… see you on our next #FirstLookFriday!


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