Bridechilla™ Tip #57

Tip #57 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ by Off The Beaten Path Weddings – Make the love of your life smile before you even walk down the aisle with this chill idea!

Love-noteThings you’ll need:

  • Flower girl
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • And a few sweet words of LOVE

Chances are you already have 75% of these things, so all you need to know now is what to do with them. Remember, this will take you 5 minutes to do and it can even wait until the day of your wedding (yes, this is a procrastinator friendly tip!) because it is so simple and such a sweet gesture for that person waiting at the end of the aisle for you.

Love note (by EmDashPaperCo on Etsy)

Simply ask your flower girl to walk down the aisle as planned, except at the end, have her hand a note to the groom as soon as she’s there. Your note can say something sweet, like “I can’t wait to marry you” or “I can’t wait to kiss you”, anything your heart desires to say GOES! This Bridechilla™ Tip is soooo simple and will definitely put a smile on his/her face right before you come in to view.

Love youWe love these love notes by elyellapaperdesigns on Etsy too!

This big

Happy love note writing ‘chillas!