Bridechilla™ Throwback Thursday

Michelle Kim Photography
Photo by Michelle Kim Photography

Happy “Throwback Thursday” chill readers! Our BRIDECHILLA™ Mckenzie and her [now] husband Tim were one of our 2013 Off The Beaten Path couples.. today we are reminiscing with this beautiful video of their wedding day by Hit Maker Films. Their chill day was a prime example of the Off The Beaten Path Weddings team in action, as well as our signature look of elegance inspired by nature. With mercury glass and white hydrangea hanging from the trees and earth-to-table dishes, this day was an Off The Beaten Path Weddings beauty from start to end.

Cheers to McKenzie & Tim!



Winter Wedding Color Ideas

A lot of brides opt for traditional spring and summer weddings. However, couples who are brave enough to step out of the box and plan winter weddings are often rewarded with higher attendance rates (no one’s off on summer holidays!) and brisk but beautifully picturesque weather.

While ivory and soft pink are perfect colors for a delicate spring wedding, choosing a winter wedding opens you up to a whole new and exciting palette full of sultry, seasonal colors.  If you’re planning a wedding this season, take a look at our wedding color ideas for winter 2013 for some divine inspiration for your special day.

guest article by tiffany faming

winter wedding colors 1 Image credit:

1) Arctic White & Ice Blue
For a refreshing twist on a summer theme, combine arctic white and ice blue. The two colors are bang on trend for winter 2013 and come together perfectly to form a sophisticated combination that isn’t common or overdone. This beautiful color combo is particularly gorgeous for areas that experience heavy winter snowfall, as arctic white and icy blue are often the first colors that spring to mind when we picture a winter wonderland.

For a breath-taking bouquet, combine white roses with blue delphiniums and hyacinths.

winter berry
Image credit:

2) Winter Berry
Winter berry is a magnificent color choice for winter weddings, particularly for brides who adore pink but don’t want to go the pastel route outside of spring and summer. This sensual hue marries together beautifully with a crisp white for a semi-conventional bridal color scheme. However, if you want to step out of the box, winter berry looks equally amazing when accompanied by just a hint of mandarin. Sheer warm orange shawls draped over the shoulders of pink clad bridesmaids will add a touch of interest and flair.

Bouquet choices for this color scheme are endless. Try fuchsia peonies with black calla lilies and orange tulips.


Image credit:

3) Navy blue
Like ice blue, the whole frosty spectrum of blue represents winter spectacularly. For a truly regal and effortlessly elegant wedding, navy blue is a lovely, contemporary choice for winter 2013. Dress it up by pairing it with classic white or opt for a bolder design by breaking out yellows and golds for a stark contrast. The seamless combination of navy blue and yellow will evoke poetic notions and remind guests thateven the harshest winter eventually blooms into spring.

For your bouquet, it’s hard to go past the amazing combination of hydrangeas and yellow roses.


Image credit:

4) Burgundy
If your relationship is intense and passionate, why not reflect that in your wedding color scheme? Burgundy is a gutsy but popular winter hue that truly shines against a snowy, white backdrop, making it ideal for outdoor weddings. If you love the color but don’t want it to eclipse a white bridal gown, try using it as an accent color with white, plum or even olive green.

Burgundy is another color that leaves your choice of bouquet wide open. For a bouquet that is one part dramatic and two parts gorgeous, we recommend black calla lilies, red ranunculus and geraniums.

Whichever color scheme you choose, we’ll be here to help you out and make sure your special day goes off without a hitch!

Author bio: Tiffany Faming is passionate writer. She loves to write on fashion, travel, family, home decor and gardening. Now she is writing for, a great site that updates many interesting deals of wedding venue.


Off The Beaten Path Weddings loves their Hospitality Ambassadors!

We take *so* much pride and joy in every Off The Beaten Path Wedding, and sharing photos with all of our readers is always such a pleasure. When the photographer sends those files after an event, it’s always fun to oooh and aaah over each image, and choose the best to share with everyone. BUT today, we are taking a minute to share some “behind the scenes” shots of our staff doing their thing. We’ve definitely learned that it takes a village to produce an Off The Beaten Path Wedding, but lucky for us – we have a wonderful group of hospitality ambassadors (also known as service staff) to make every event possible. Now that our season is over at Off The Beaten Path Weddings, it’s nice to look back on the fun moments with staff and appreciate the fact that they are both hard-working and chill… after all, it is the season to share what you are thankful for!

OTBPW-on the job

All of these photos are from Holly & Jim’s chill day, see a snapshot of the Bridechilla™ below!

bridechilla spotted

Thanks again to our wonderful OTBPW staff for being such a chill group of people. And also, thank you to Melissa Phillips for providing these photos!


Bridechilla™ Tip #44

Tip #44 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Use one of our favorite Fall wedding design details: apples. And guess what? We’re going to help you out.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.01.08 PM

Photo via ruffled and nessa k photography

In October, we were chasing the best pumpkin design details, over Summer, we were all about the perfect ways to use produce in your wedding, and now… apples! It may not come by any surprise that we are at it again, falling in love with more farm-to-table touches. That is one of the KEY chill details from our team at Off The Beaten Path Weddings out of Napa, California.. so don’t be surprised when we discover another way nature can embellish your wedding. Now, enjoy our top 5 favorite ways to use apples in your wedding decor – some of these are REALLY chill!


via MEG SMITH AND Snippet & ink

●   APPLE GARLAND    We had to start off with one of our favorites. This apple garland is just too too perfect for an orchard inspired wedding.


via ruffled and nessa k photography

  BOBBING STATION    How fun is this? Imagine how funny it would be to be watching your guests go after these… definitely a lot of laughs to be had!


via ruffled and nessa k photography

  ESCORT CARDS    Or, just use that bobbing station for good looks and let your guests find their seats with apple embellished escort cards.


via southern weddings + JEN HUANG PHOTOGRAPHY

  ON THE TABLE    Bring some color to your table by placing apples on the plates as wedding table decor, or even use them in the centerpieces!


via BEST PHOTOGRAPHY green wedding shoes

  APPLE CIDER  And finally, how could we leave this stunner out? Hallow out the apples and serve hot apple cider (spiked and not spiked options, of course!) to your guests in a fun, unique way.

P.S. Need some ideas on how to keep the dudes entertained at your wedding? Check out Bridechilla™ Tip #43 for ways to get your groom and the rest of the guys having more fun on your chill day.


Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding


No matter how big your budget is, there always seems to be ways to go over it on your big day. Those extra touches and special upgrades on items such as food and flowers can soon push costs skyward. Here are some tips and tricks to try and lower the price of the essentials for your wedding.

Guest article written by Sian Morgan

  • Package deals from your venue – Many hotels and venues that are often used for weddings now offer an all-in-one package deal so you can be clear on costs from the outset. These will often incorporate food and decorations as well as the cost of venue hire and can work out cheaper than hiring in outside caterers. The restriction of these type of deals is that you will need to keep to a certain number of guests, which can work out well if that is a figure you already had in mind.
  • Venues can also be cheaper during the week, meaning the hire fee will be reduced and sometimes waived completely if you are paying for catering and bar services. However this can cause problems for your guests if you are inviting a lot of people, especially at short notice as it can be difficult to get time off from work. It can also mean more traveling expenses if it is not at the weekend.
  • If you’re happy to go with a more simple style of wedding cake, choosing a high quality store bought cake and dressing it up with ribbon and matching flowers from your bouquet can be a great way to get a lovely cake that is a lot cheaper than a custom made design from a wedding baker. It has been noted that cakes from Marks and Spencer’s often taste much nicer than large expensive cakes from a wedding boutique. Having a cupcake stand rather than a multi-tiered cake can also give a modern twist to the traditional wedding style.
  • Consider having your main meal a little later on in the day. If you are getting married at 2pm, typically the meal will be around 4-5pm. Pushing it back an hour to 6pm means you won’t need a second meal later on and can simply provide a small selection of snacks to satisfy hungry guests later on at the reception. Don’t go overboard with catering orders as a lot may get wasted which simply results in the staff eating it rather than your guests!
  • Disposable cameras may seem a good way to get some extra shots of your wedding but it seems you are more than likely to throw 70% of the photos away. Printing and developing costs can be very expensive for little return, as well as the original cost of buying the cameras. It can be a better idea to have a specific email address for guests to email photos to. There are also several photo sharing apps you could use and have projected during the reception. Bear in mind how good the phone signal at your reception is, which can be a problem in more rural areas.
  • The main expense of your wedding is likely to be the food and drink for your guests, depending on how luxurious your standards are and the number of guests. If you don’t want an open bar but want to give your guests something, try offering two drink vouchers per person to be used at the bar. This way you know the upfront cost rather than being presented with an extortionate bill the day after.


  • Creating your own programs and invitations can cut an added expense. Enlist the help of a design-savvy friend or buy one of the lower cost invitation kits. Having them printed at your local print and copy shop can be cheaper than paying for a specific wedding invitation package from your planner.


  • When shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses, go for upmarket high street options rather than heading straight for a wedding boutique. There are often a greater selection of colors and styles, as well as more modern, fashionable dresses if you are after something a little different than a classic style. If you are savvy enough and shop ahead, getting each bridesmaid’s size or measurements, you can then watch out for the items when there is a discount event or sale on.
  • If you are looking to save money on the bride’s dress, choosing a second-hand dress can be a great way to get the dress you want at a much lower dress. Many people do not like the idea of having another bride’s dress, however it is a shame that they only get worn for one day and then never again. Also, many charity shops such as Oxfam have specialist bridal shops, meaning you will save money as well as donating to a good cause. Spending a small amount on getting a dress tailored to fit you will often still be much less than buying an expensive dress new.

Sian is a keen freelance writer who has a passion for all things wedding related. Her favorite north east wedding band is Funk Conspiracy, who she has worked with on numerous occasions to make the happy couple’s day extra special.

All photos from McKenzie and Tim’s
Off The Beaten Path Wedding, photographed by Michelle Kim.


Bridechilla™ Tip #43

Tip #43 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Keep the guys chill too, and check out these three ways to keep men married on the chill day.

men get married too
 Photo via Kyle Hale

There are plenty of astonishing ways to keep a wedding day appealing to the guests. While everyone loves to dance and hear the toasts, we must admit every wedding is dominantly entertaining mostly for the guests that are women. There are heaps of flowers to admire, cute cupcake or macaroon towers, wedding rings to gawk over, the list goes on. Meanwhile, what’s keeping the guys entertained? As a Bridechilla™, it’s important that we remember that men get married too, so let’s talk about a few little ways to keep them included on one of the chillest day of your lives.

scotchbarvia Off The Beaten Path Weddings

●   SCOTCH BAR    Some of us at Off The Beaten Path Weddings might say this is something EVERYONE can enjoy, but we think it’s safe to say the guys will gravitate towards this rather a lot more than they would a blushing bride cocktail or a bouquet toss… so let’s let them have their fun too.

scotch for the boys
via EmmalineBride + Pinterest

Seriously, try this one out for your wedding day, the guys will not be disappointed! This also brings us to our next dude-friendly wedding treat…

cigar rolling
via Off The Beaten Path Weddings

  CIGAR ROLLING    This was a huge hit at previous Off The Beaten Path Weddings. Nothing says wine country charm like someone rolling fresh cigars for the guys to enjoy. Feel free to keep this one a secret from your groom until the reception, it will make a great surprise gift!

photo booth fun
via Pinterest + Off The Beaten Path Weddings, Wendy K Yalom Photography

  PHOTO BOOTH    Everyone loves a photo booth, but we all know the guys secretly love wrapping boas around their neck for a silly photo or five. You can even hire companies like the Flying Camera or simply talk to your photographer about having a photo booth at the reception for guests to take some snapshots to remember the day with.

men get married too akvia Off The Beaten Path Weddings, Tanja Lippert

P.S. Need some ideas on how to keep him involved in the planning process? Check out our 5 ways to get your groom to help out with wedding planning.


5 Ways to Get Your Groom to Help Out with Wedding Planning

Traditionally, a wedding day is all about the bride. All of that fanfare that surrounds the bride, however, can often leave the groom feeling left in the dust. After all, the bride isn’t the only person getting married;  the groom is a pretty integral part of the wedding.

Guest Article written by Amber Kingsley

If you are getting married, don’t let your groom feel like he is playing second fiddle. While he may not be able to help you pick out your gown, you can let him feel like he is part of all of the planning and excitement by giving him some special tasks to attend to. He will appreciate the attention, and you will appreciate the help.

Groom1via Shutterstock

Registry Duty: Registering for all of the things that you will need as you start your life together is a really fun process, and it is one that your groom should certainly be a part of. In fact, you can put him in charge of this important task. Of course, you want to be a part of the registration process (you don’t want to sleep on bedding that you think is completely dreadful), but you can let your groom handle setting up and updating the registry. He’ll get a kick out of having this duty and it is one less thing that you will have to worry about.

via Off The Beaten Path Weddings & Jessica Burke

Venue Shopping: Your wedding is a celebration that will honor both you and your groom, so it is only fair that he help pick out the place where this grand event will occur. Ask him to do some research with you on potential venues. Let him choose a few places to look at. Of course, have him go with you to check out the different venues and welcome his opinions and reviews. You can even take it one step further; once you have both decided on a venue for your affair, have you groom handle all further communications with the staff.

cigar roller 3
via Off The Beaten Path Weddings

Vendor Visiting: You will require the services of a bunch of people in order to successfully pull off your big event; a florist, a caterer, a photographer and videographer, limo drivers, music and whoever else you think you will require the services to make your big day your dream come true. Let your groom help out with choosing the vendors. Ask him if he wouldn’t mind helping you choose some vendors to consider and bring him along on your visits to each one. You can even ask him if he thinks that there are any other special vendors that will add an extra special something to your day; a cigar roller, perhaps.


Tuxedos: You have your wedding dress and the bridesmaid’s dress to pick out. Why not let your groom pick out the attire that he and his guys will be wearing. Go along with him so that you can offer your opinion and see what choices he is considering (and so that you can nix anything that is an absolute no), but let him have his moment in the sun while picking out and trying on different tuxedos.

0f6c56ea0bb3f45c9009a3c25eb57e44via Off The Beaten Path Weddings & Catherine Hall

If it weren’t for your groom, you wouldn’t be getting married. Make him feel like he is as big a part of the day as he truly is by involving him in the planning process.

Amber Kingsley is a freelance writer from Southern California. She has contributed to a number of blogs, covering travel and style. When she’s not writing she loves traveling and spending time with her dog. To view more of her writing, visit the Bellezza Spa blog.



Meet our favorite Petaluma Farm!


Question: What do roses, hydrangeas, large calla lilies, tulips, viburnum, lilac, stephanotis, ranunculus, green foliage, and beautiful seeded eucalyptus ALL have in common? They all can be found at the Neve Brothers Greenhouse in Petaluma, California. We wanted to give this beautiful farm some Bridechilla™ LOVE simply because all Off The Beaten Path Weddings depend on the Neve Brothers for event florals. At Off The Beaten Path Weddings, we adorn every table with centerpieces full of understated beauty and embellish the rest of each Off The Beaten Path property with fresh-off-the-farm florals from this Petaluma greenhouse. Take a look below at some of our picks for past events.

boxes and boxes of flowers

With no surprise, we’re not the only ones showing some love for this incredible greenhouse. For more information on the Neve Brothers Farm, you can also check out this post on


Want to get in touch with this chill farm? Here is how you find them!
Neve Brothers
2645 Bodega Avenue
Petaluma, CA 94952-1602
(707) 778-2326

Space at San Francisco Flower Market
674 Brannon Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 495-6195

And last but not least, here are some of the beauties from our last (man, that went fast!) Off The Beaten Path Wedding of the 2013 season.

katie and ilan

Aren’t Katie and Ilan’s flowers gorgeous? We shared this on our Instagram (@otbpw), but thought it deserved an appearance here too. HUGE thank you to the Neve Brothers for being a great floral resource for us here at Off The Beaten Path Weddings. See you next year!


Off The Beaten Path Weddings Celebrates One Year of LOVE: Emily & Grant, October 20th, 2012


Midway through October and we’re reminiscing as we share our very last anniversary post for 2012 Off The Beaten Path Weddings. Emily and Grant made their first mark on our blog in January when we introduced their wedding motto,  W O O P A . But in case you forgot, we can refresh your memory now on what their chill wedding motto meant.

/ woo-pa! /
I. adj: a term to express excitement, joy, or happiness.
II. noun: the official Wood/Patrino wedding motto.

emilygrant-woopaWe’re so thrilled to spend our today wishing our Bridechilla™ , Emily, and her husband Grant a very happy anniversary. All photos by the talented folks over at onelove photography.


From the Bridechilla…

The theme of our wedding was “woopa”. this is a nickname our friends call us that joins our two last names- Wood & Patrino. we made a sign of vintage marquee letters that lit up which read “woopa” on the side of the barn. Dinner was served next to the barn under a grove of trees with twinkle lights hung from tree to tree. We sent everyone home with “woopa pies” (whoopie pies) that my mom had made from scratch. We really wanted the wedding to be colorful which would really create the fun party energy that we were looking for. It was a very rustic country setting, however I wanted to incorporate a sophisticated chic element with color, as I didn’t want it to be overly rustic. I would say it was a rustic chic wedding. The tables had navy and white runners with colorful flowers. The boys in the wedding party wore navy & white gingham shirts, khaki pants, navy vans & a navy pink tie. The girls wore navy dresses with fuchsia heels.

We wanted our wedding to be an amazingly fun party in the middle of the vineyards with fabulous food and wine. We really just wanted it to have a light-hearted sentimate, so that the guests could really relax and have FUN. Nothing stuffy about it.

(via Style Me Pretty)


We loved Emily & Grant’s color palette, such a beautiful and FUN event to end our season on last year.


Don’t forget to see more of this beautiful OTBPW + WOOPA magic on Style Me Pretty!


Also, see this chill couple in action in this video of their Off The Beaten Path Wedding by Steven Bailey.

Until next summer, when we celebrate our 2013 anniversaries from this season… CHEERS.


Wedding Planning + Styling: Off the Beaten Path Weddings

one yearTo many many many more chill years of love and happiness. -Bridechilla™ & Off The Beaten Path Weddings


Bridechilla™ Tip #41

Tip #41 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Come get inspired with us on our AUTUMN PINTEREST board.

pinterest picks

Not that anyone needs an invitation, but we’re just so full of inspiration over on Pinterest that we have to talk about it a little bit. Last year, we went nuts with Off The Beaten Path Weddings over chevron pumpkins… and to tell you all the truth, we’re still pretty much in love with them. But this year, the pumpkins just keep getting better and better.. just take a look!

pumpkinsMoving on to the autumn tables we’ve been swooning over. Aren’t these just gorgeous?


And this was pinned based on the pretty factor. (You know you do it too)


These pins have our stomachs growling for that Thanksgiving meal! But we still have a while to go, so let’s just use this time to get inspired and hopefully achieve a holiday table as lovely as this.




And the beautiful escort cards

escort cards

Last but not least – don’t we just love these Fall Harvest looks for this season? Swoon.


Happy pinning everyone! Be sure to find out where all these amazing looks cam from onn our Pinterest board: the Autumn Inspiration


Note: all photos from the inspiring people we follow on Pinterest unless otherwise specified.