Attitude is everything ~ surrounded by love!

Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (119 of 319)We’ve been in search of the ultimate Bridechilla ~ finding out that most gals are pretty cool, grounded and easy going on their wedding day with an occasional “lose it” moment here and there.  Miss Shelby Swink is the total exception to the rule ~ No Freak Outs!  No Stress!  Just Smiles and going with the flow!  Given her circumstance, even the savviest bridechilla may not have been able to maintain her cool, but Shelby is testament that making lemonade from lemons, even if it’s spiked with tequila, is the best way to handle the worst situations.


Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (4 of 319)Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (67 of 319)

Yes, Attitude is everything when you’re in the middle of planning your dream wedding.  Stress can take over quickly causing the most easy going bride to completely lose it!  But what happens when you hear that the love of your life doesn’t want to get married 5 DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING??

Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (30 of 319)

Shelby’s Dad, Douglas Swink and photographer, Lizz Hoard of, suggested a trash the dress session to help Shelby work through what would have been her wedding day but instead was the day she would start the next chapter in her life.  Shelby was all for it and so were her amazing parents and bridesmaids who met her in a Memphis park to CELEBRATE Shelby!

Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (45 of 319)Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (66 of 319)

Not sure how many brides would handle this news ~ Shelby Swink says that her options were to sit around with ice cream and Netflix, but she chose to CELEBRATE the newest chapter in her life on the day that would have been her wedding day.

Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (50 of 319)   Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (104 of 319)  Dressed in their wedding attire, The Swinks, friends and bridemaids came out to “trash the dress”  ~ it started with the girls … paint, glitter and feathers!  Shelby said she was a little nervous at first, that it was so surreal when the first paint hit her gorgeous gown, then she realized that it was only material – that the marriage was so much more than that!


Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (137 of 319) Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (150 of 319)

These gals didn’t hold back and the whole vibe of the day turned into fun, fun, fun!  The goal to surround Shelby with the love and support that she ironically would have had if she’d been walking down the aisle.  Does it get any better than that?  Isn’t that what we’d all hope for?  Shelby ~ the Ultimate Bridechilla

Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (167 of 319) Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (185 of 319)


Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (223 of 319)Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (200 of 319)

Shelby attributes her response to her strong Mom, supportive, fun loving Dad and amazing family and friends!  All we can say is WOW ~ Way to go Swink family!Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (266 of 319) Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (275 of 319) Wrapping up the photo shoot with champagne toasts and cigars and a few choice fingers for the groom sums up the upbeat attitude of the the day!  Here’s to Shelby Swink and her kick ass attitude!

Trash The Dress (Elizabeth Hoard Photography) (316 of 319)


In hopes of inspiring others, The Barefoot Bride,, in Memphis, TN asked Shelby if she’d be willing to share her gown in order to help brides-to-be to keep their Bridechilla attitude in check during their wedding planning process.  After all, if Shelby could keep it together in her circumstances then shouldn’t grace, style and thoughtfulness be easy for other brides?

Trash the Dress, Part Two (36 of 124)Trash the Dress, Part Two (25 of 124)

Of course Shelby agreed and brought in her amazing smile, oh yeah and gown to share with other brides.  Of course Mom and bridesmaids were in tow to support and cheer her on.  To be honest, Shelby was the one doing the cheering.  Trash the Dress, Part Two (37 of 124)Trash the Dress, Part Two (73 of 124)


Sarah Bleau from Channel 13 found out about Shelby’s story so she’ll be getting a lot more press being featured on TV!  In addition,  The Barefoot Bride will be donating a portion of every gown sold from now until January 1st to Be Free Revolution,, a local charity that focuses on helping women in Kenya.

More on that interview here:

Trash the Dress, Part Two (103 of 124) Trash the Dress, Part Two (122 of 124)


Big big CHEERS and love to Shelby!  We know you’re gonna rock your life with your positive vibes!  So glad to be a part of your celebration!

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Check out Shelby’s Youtube video here:


Guest Post: Keeping Cool & Confident During Wedding Day Mishaps

dress barely fitsAs a bride-to-be, you’ll do everything in your power to prevent wedding day mishaps from happening. But no matter how hard you try to prepare for possible eventualities, you cannot control everything. You just have to accept that there are unthinkable events that can happen.

The best thing is for you to know how to keep your cool when unfortunate incidents do occur. And how do you do that? Here are some pointers.

don't worry(via rosa clara)

Don’t focus on the nitty-gritty.

If you fuss about every little thing on your wedding day, you’re going to spoil everything. You’ll ruin your mood, your groom’s, and your guests – definitely not a pretty scene.

Stop fuming if you can’t start on time. Whether it’s you or your guests who are running late doesn’t make much difference. The best man or the maid of honor, if they know their duties, they should step in and apologize to guests if a delay happens.

Also, make sure that you have with you your list of vendors and all their contact details. Having an experienced wedding planner comes in really handy in situations like this. They can make everything look running smoothly even with all the glitches.

Most importantly, focus on the fact that you’ve got something bigger to look forward to – the years ahead with your beloved. Don’t sweat the small stuff, because your guests are your family and friends who are just excited to witness this happiest moment of your life.


(photo taken by KT Merry, post here)

Set up a meeting with all the key persons before the event.

If your vendors fail to communicate, something can and will go wrong. And it can have a domino effect on other things, which you definitely don’t want to happen. It would be best if you can arrange a meeting with all your suppliers so they’ll know each other and will be at ease working together.

It may be a good idea to find people who have already worked with each other in similar events. You can ask your wedding planner (if you have one) for referrals.

Let everyone who’s going to be at your wedding know exactly what you want.

Don’t expect your guests, no matter how close they are to you, to read your mind. There’s no other way for thepin6m to be aware of what you think unless you tell them. If you hate pranks and practical jokes, people playing with their food and drinks, or someone smearing your dream gown with wedding cake just because they think it’s a great tradition, say so. Let your guests know that they’re welcome to consume all the drinks you’re providing, but the whole point is to have fun and not chaos. You need to let them know beforehand; otherwise, they might even blame you and ask, “Why didn’t you say so?!”

Laugh it off!

If all hell breaks loose and things go crazy at your wedding, just let it go. Try to laugh your heart out and still enjoy the moment. Be at peace with the thought that these people, no matter how drunk or noisy they get, took the time to see you in this significant event and to show you their love and support for you.


Author Bio: Sofia Angeli is a PR & communications consultant for companies in various industries. In particular, she brings her writing skills and passion for travel, culture, arts and lifestyle, including wedding planning and engagement rings, to the online world.tweet tweet

Anna & David’s Off The Beaten Path Wedding

anna and david couple

This past weekend we celebrated the union of Off The Beaten Path couple, Anna & David. This chill couple kicked off the OTBPW 2013 season last Saturday at a private estate in Napa Valley. This was the first wedding of the season, so we thought it would be chill to have LIVE updates for our readers on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Twitter. We suggest you follow along with us as this is the first of MANY Bridechilla’s you will be able to gain live inspiration from as it is happening.

An Off The Beaten Path Wedding is known to be a celebration in nature full of creative touches and gracious hospitality. Anna & David’s wedding exemplified a true celebration in nature; full of organic infused design that only meant seasonal flowers, colors, olive branches folded in to the napkins, and much more. As much as this day was beautifully designed, it was just as much fun for the guests; as Mary Ellen Murphy would call it, “a party with a wedding thrown in”.

A wedding without walls is all about using natural surroundings for decor and making the most of the setting you’re in. The OTBPW team used the shade outside the Napa Valley private venue to serve spiked and unspiked lemonade to arriving guests, which were embellished with vibrant florals. Every table was adorned with pink hydrangeas and yellow blooms, creating a irresistible color palette and a pop of summer hues. The escort cards all hung on 3 plum trees, where they could be easily found during cocktail hour.


One of the most memorable aspects of the wedding was this chill dessert idea. Anna & David were so chill and so Off The Beaten Path by choosing to go above and beyond when it came to the standard wedding cake. Instead of just a cake, Anna & David let the Off The Beaten Path Wedding team run with a NEW idea – a dessert bar. This was hands-down one of the most favorite details to the wedding, which included everything from root beer floats and cheesecake to cookies and milkshake donuts. (Oh yes we did) Tons of guests captured images of this new Off The Beaten Path signature detail, but we made sure to gather some images of our own to show our Bridechilla™ readers.

anna and david dessert

Anna & David’s chill dessert bar, featuring OTBPW invention, “Milkshake Donuts”

anna and david chillin

Guests were greeted with the choice of spiked or unspiked lemonade, a trademark by Off The Beaten Path Weddings (and a must-have drink for
a summer wedding in our opinion…)




a big chill thank you to the Off The Beaten Path Weddings Team for all your
hard work last Saturday!

We look forward to sharing more inspiring details from this Summer’s weddings, but nothing compares to getting the inspiration as it is happening. To follow us and catch more of the OTBPW Team in action find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Props for an Engagement Shoot by Simply Bridal

More and more couples are deciding to have engagement shoots with all the bells and whistles. The problem is, how do you make your engagement shoot stand out in a sea of engagement shoots? Easy, just pick a few simple props and away you go. The good news is that they don’t need to be elaborate by far, as you will discover when you read on about some of our favorite props for engagement photos.


Photography by Sarah Layne Photography

Pinwheel for Simplicity

Pinwheels make us think of long summer days, fun and a time when everything was simpler. We think pinwheels look fantastic when your engagement shoot is located at a park. Sometimes all you need is space, each other and a pinwheel.


Bubbles for Fun

Can anyone be unhappy when they’re blowing bubbles? Of course not, that’s why we love seeing them in engagement photos. Couples can have some fun with bubblegum or some bubble solution. One of our favorite uses of bubbles was a couple that went to a children’s museum and had the bride stand in a large bubble while her fiancé pretended to pop the bubble.


Sign for the Trendsetters

One of the trendiest props for engagement photos and wedding shoots are signs. Now, you don’t have to spend a lot to have signs.  We recommend using a chalkboard and different colored chalk to write or draw your thoughts, but a slip of paper will do in a snap! Then, all you need to do is let go and have fun.


J. Layne Photography

Bikes for Kids at Heart

Do you love back country roads and long lazy days with your loved ones? Then vintage bikes are perfect for you. Take inspiration from the bike-riding scene in The Notebook and let your fiancé take you on a bike ride. Did you ever believe that you’d get to ride off into the sunset with your love?


Your Best Friend

No, we’re not talking about your human besties. Whether it’s a dog, cat, or pet cockatoo, pets are an important part of your relationship. While cute, cuddly pictures are always adorable, we suggest you snap a few pictures of your pet stealing the show. Bridechilla carries pet wear so your cat or dog will be looking his or her finest alongside you.

Now, are you ready to take your photos? These are simple, but fun props that let couples shine, so get out there and show everyone how fantastic you are!
THe_Deja_Main The_Deja

Find ‘The Deja’ over here at the Bridechilla™ Store. is an online retailer of quality wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns, and bridal accessories. Started in Los Angeles in 2011, SimplyBridal now ships to North America, much of Europe, and parts of Asia. SimplyBridal’s dresses have been featured on Style Me Pretty, Rock ‘n Roll Bride, and Wedding Chicks.


The Ultimate Cinco De Mayo Cocktail Recipe


This Sunday you can count on this cocktail to add a bit of spice to your celebration. This holiday honors the victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862 by the Mexican Army, but here in the United States we toast our glasses simply to the victorious heritage and pride of Mexico. So, what better way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo than to toast with a drink that just shouts celebration?


We hand-picked this cocktail recipe for your enjoyment this weekend; infused with spices and intense flavor, the Herradura Vesuvio Cocktail is the perfect way to say Happy Cinco de Mayo!


  • 2 ounces Herradura Silver
  • ¾ ounce red pepper juice
  • ½ ounce Lime Juice
  • ¼ ounce Cholula hot sauce
  • ¼ ounce agave nectar

And then..

  • Rim a coupe glass with cayenne pepper and salt mix.
  • Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker
  • Shake hard and pour into the chilled coupe glass.

Recipe courtesy of

CHILL TIP: Instead of pepper and salt mix, some recipes suggest rimming the glass with sugar. You can add more festivity to this recipe by rimming the glass with dyed sugar in colors that symbolize the Mexican flag.3


First Look: Top 10 Blown Away Grooms

These photos had us saying “awww” and we could not help but share with our chill readers. Bridechillas, do you have any First Look photos of your hubby when he first saw you? We would love to see!










To see more grooms blown away by their beautiful Bridechillas, click here. Grab a tissue!

Bridechilla™ + Pinterest

“Orange is the happiest color” -Frank Sinatra

Obviously, we can’t get enough of our signature Bridechilla™ orange, & just in case you haven’t had enough of it… now you can get more of our “happy color” on Pinterest.

Let the re-pinning begin!

Style Unveiled

Happy Thursday, Bridechillas! We are so thrilled to be posting about an Off The Beaten Path Wedding feature on STYLE UNVEILED. Photographed by onelove photography, Johanna & Erran’s Napa Valley Wedding is one of our favorite chill celebrations to date! See the feature by clicking here.

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So delighted to be featured on gorgeousevents!

wild thyme flowers and other gorgeous things

Enjoy every moment.

It really is exciting, fun and amazing.

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