Bridechilla™ Tip #56

Tip #56 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ by Off The Beaten Path Weddings – Have
an OYSTER BAR at your wedding or next party!
Because your guests will love it!

Let’s turn your wedding in to a celebration with something fun, fresh, AND unique. Oysters, anyone?! At Off The Beaten Path Weddings, Oyster Bars have been a guest favorite for years. Having an oyster bar is more preferable when you are located near the coast, so they are sea-to-table and fresh. If you’re new to oysters,  we’ve got some of the world’s TOP oyster sources below… maybe they are in your area!

And what’s OUR favorite? Without doubt, Hog Island!

Oyster Bar photo by onelove photographyOur first choice for any event we produce – hands down. Pulled straight from the Tomales Bay, which is 49 miles North of San Francisco, Hog Island always brings the ice, oysters, and hog wash. An easy appetizer for a black tie event, backyard bash, or something in between.

“Hog Island Oyster Bars have been the highlight of every party I’ve ever done.” – John Ash, Sauvignon Republic


Oyster Bar photo by onelove photographyAs Hog Island likes to say…. Life is short, eat great oysters.


Photo Credits: onelove photography


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