Bridechilla™ by OFF THE BEATEN PATH WEDDINGS Tip #49

Tip #49 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ by OFF THE BEATEN PATH WEDDINGS – Check out these Valentine’s Day gifts for that chill guy in your life!

valentines day for him

We’re just full of the romance lately aren’t we! First we gave you date ideas for every month of the year, and now we’ve got some special ideas for Valentine’s Day to share. We love these stylish, useful, sweet gift ideas for your special guy. Let him know he’s appreciated this Valentine’s Day like a true Bridechilla™ would… with these gifts!

6eaa844480bf152c7d1bee9b807de246If the way to your man’s heart is through his stomach, try out this sinfully sweet recipe – vanilla cookie sandwiches with nutella cream cheese frosting… YUM!

54f43c687f27de3ece56bec29e6cbba8A playful hanger for him to hang his favorite shirt on… cute idea from HandmadeAffair on Etsy!

94fff91f1d7bae7dd2abe6e51fd9fe26Help him out with date ideas.. if you’ve already done all the ones on our list,try these new ones, or create your very own to add in to the envelopes. It’s the gift that gives to the both of you 🙂


We’ll bet he’s gotten mad about his earphones being tangled up in his pockets. Get personal by giving him this monogrammed Saddle Leather Earphone case! It will save him tons of frustration.

Carnivore_zps9bb7bde0Does he like to cook? This magnetic meat seasoning set is a great gift for a guy who likes to cook, grill, and help out in the kitchen.

71uZdyYMo8L._SL1500_Or cover his manly needs with a manly-spa set. This gift includes everything from a grooming products to a gourmet treat chocolate bar. Definitely can’t go wrong with this one!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your chill guy!



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