Bridechilla™ Tip #46

Tip #46 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – New year’s resolution: Go on more dates!

Remember those? Dates. Those wonderful outings where you go on a nice bike ride together, dinner, or maybe it’s one of those nights you want to spend on the couch watching the latest episode of Breaking Bad.. or Modern Family, if you’re like some of the us at Bridechilla™ and Off The Beaten Path Weddings. Being a chill bride and wife means keeping the chill alive, or romance alive, by making sure you take the time to go out on dates or at least create some free time to spend with each other, without the distractions. So let us help you out with some pre-planned date ideas, and please feel free to share your own!

date ideasJanuary
Go ice skating, enjoy the winter wonders while they are still here.

Surprise each other. It wouldn’t hurt to make the date Feb. 14th either… 🙂

Each pick a movie on Netflix or at your local Blockbuster… get a carton of your favorite ice cream and make a night of it!

Use a Friday night to get some friends together and have a game night, OR go on a double date with another couple.

Spring is here so use the season to your advantage. Got a backyard? Plant a garden together… if you don’t have that much space, go on a wildflower trip.

Be active together! Going on a bike tour in the beautiful Napa Valley is always a great idea.

Go on a camping trip together.  Spending some time outdoors and out of cell range would be a great way to bring you and your beau closer.

Cook a meal together. Choose a theme like “breakfast for dinner”
or “Mediterranean Twist” to make it fun.

Plan a vacation or getaway for you both to look forward to the following year

Keep it simple! Go out to a local sports bar and watch a game together.

Go Christmas Tree shopping together, decorate the house together, and make it something you do together every year.




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