Bridechilla™ Tip #45

Tip #45 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Add some chill, delicious, goodness to your holiday dinner with seasonal desserts.

Just in case you haven’t seen our last Bridechilla™ Tip or our other blog posts, you must know that we are all about the seasonal touches that can be added to any event. Whether it be your wedding or a dinner party, we are here so that you can let us help you gather ideas for any function lacking that pumpkin centerpiece, apple garland, or fruit thank you favor. Because we are always watching out for ideas for our hostess bridechillas. As much as we love embellishing holiday decor with nature, we are going to talk about the FOOD today. The best part, in that case… the DESSERT.


recipes via clarY pfeiffer and ruche

As promised, each and every one of these has a small seasonal touch that we cannot help but find irresistible. If you find yourself drooling over any of them, here is where you can find the recipes so that your holiday grocery shopping lists can be ready for the holidays.

Recipe links: Blackberry + Blueberry Tart / Apple Crisp / Bourbon Pumpkin Cake / Persimmon Walnut Cake / Vegan and Gluten Free Espresso Banana Donuts



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