Winter Wedding Color Ideas

A lot of brides opt for traditional spring and summer weddings. However, couples who are brave enough to step out of the box and plan winter weddings are often rewarded with higher attendance rates (no one’s off on summer holidays!) and brisk but beautifully picturesque weather.

While ivory and soft pink are perfect colors for a delicate spring wedding, choosing a winter wedding opens you up to a whole new and exciting palette full of sultry, seasonal colors.  If you’re planning a wedding this season, take a look at our wedding color ideas for winter 2013 for some divine inspiration for your special day.

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1) Arctic White & Ice Blue
For a refreshing twist on a summer theme, combine arctic white and ice blue. The two colors are bang on trend for winter 2013 and come together perfectly to form a sophisticated combination that isn’t common or overdone. This beautiful color combo is particularly gorgeous for areas that experience heavy winter snowfall, as arctic white and icy blue are often the first colors that spring to mind when we picture a winter wonderland.

For a breath-taking bouquet, combine white roses with blue delphiniums and hyacinths.

winter berry
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2) Winter Berry
Winter berry is a magnificent color choice for winter weddings, particularly for brides who adore pink but don’t want to go the pastel route outside of spring and summer. This sensual hue marries together beautifully with a crisp white for a semi-conventional bridal color scheme. However, if you want to step out of the box, winter berry looks equally amazing when accompanied by just a hint of mandarin. Sheer warm orange shawls draped over the shoulders of pink clad bridesmaids will add a touch of interest and flair.

Bouquet choices for this color scheme are endless. Try fuchsia peonies with black calla lilies and orange tulips.


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3) Navy blue
Like ice blue, the whole frosty spectrum of blue represents winter spectacularly. For a truly regal and effortlessly elegant wedding, navy blue is a lovely, contemporary choice for winter 2013. Dress it up by pairing it with classic white or opt for a bolder design by breaking out yellows and golds for a stark contrast. The seamless combination of navy blue and yellow will evoke poetic notions and remind guests thateven the harshest winter eventually blooms into spring.

For your bouquet, it’s hard to go past the amazing combination of hydrangeas and yellow roses.


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4) Burgundy
If your relationship is intense and passionate, why not reflect that in your wedding color scheme? Burgundy is a gutsy but popular winter hue that truly shines against a snowy, white backdrop, making it ideal for outdoor weddings. If you love the color but don’t want it to eclipse a white bridal gown, try using it as an accent color with white, plum or even olive green.

Burgundy is another color that leaves your choice of bouquet wide open. For a bouquet that is one part dramatic and two parts gorgeous, we recommend black calla lilies, red ranunculus and geraniums.

Whichever color scheme you choose, we’ll be here to help you out and make sure your special day goes off without a hitch!

Author bio: Tiffany Faming is passionate writer. She loves to write on fashion, travel, family, home decor and gardening. Now she is writing for, a great site that updates many interesting deals of wedding venue.



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