Bridechilla™ Tip #44

Tip #44 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Use one of our favorite Fall wedding design details: apples. And guess what? We’re going to help you out.

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Photo via ruffled and nessa k photography

In October, we were chasing the best pumpkin design details, over Summer, we were all about the perfect ways to use produce in your wedding, and now… apples! It may not come by any surprise that we are at it again, falling in love with more farm-to-table touches. That is one of the KEY chill details from our team at Off The Beaten Path Weddings out of Napa, California.. so don’t be surprised when we discover another way nature can embellish your wedding. Now, enjoy our top 5 favorite ways to use apples in your wedding decor – some of these are REALLY chill!


via MEG SMITH AND Snippet & ink

●   APPLE GARLAND    We had to start off with one of our favorites. This apple garland is just too too perfect for an orchard inspired wedding.


via ruffled and nessa k photography

  BOBBING STATION    How fun is this? Imagine how funny it would be to be watching your guests go after these… definitely a lot of laughs to be had!


via ruffled and nessa k photography

  ESCORT CARDS    Or, just use that bobbing station for good looks and let your guests find their seats with apple embellished escort cards.


via southern weddings + JEN HUANG PHOTOGRAPHY

  ON THE TABLE    Bring some color to your table by placing apples on the plates as wedding table decor, or even use them in the centerpieces!


via BEST PHOTOGRAPHY green wedding shoes

  APPLE CIDER  And finally, how could we leave this stunner out? Hallow out the apples and serve hot apple cider (spiked and not spiked options, of course!) to your guests in a fun, unique way.

P.S. Need some ideas on how to keep the dudes entertained at your wedding? Check out Bridechilla™ Tip #43 for ways to get your groom and the rest of the guys having more fun on your chill day.



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