Bridechilla™ Tip #43

Tip #43 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Keep the guys chill too, and check out these three ways to keep men married on the chill day.

men get married too
 Photo via Kyle Hale

There are plenty of astonishing ways to keep a wedding day appealing to the guests. While everyone loves to dance and hear the toasts, we must admit every wedding is dominantly entertaining mostly for the guests that are women. There are heaps of flowers to admire, cute cupcake or macaroon towers, wedding rings to gawk over, the list goes on. Meanwhile, what’s keeping the guys entertained? As a Bridechilla™, it’s important that we remember that men get married too, so let’s talk about a few little ways to keep them included on one of the chillest day of your lives.

scotchbarvia Off The Beaten Path Weddings

●   SCOTCH BAR    Some of us at Off The Beaten Path Weddings might say this is something EVERYONE can enjoy, but we think it’s safe to say the guys will gravitate towards this rather a lot more than they would a blushing bride cocktail or a bouquet toss… so let’s let them have their fun too.

scotch for the boys
via EmmalineBride + Pinterest

Seriously, try this one out for your wedding day, the guys will not be disappointed! This also brings us to our next dude-friendly wedding treat…

cigar rolling
via Off The Beaten Path Weddings

  CIGAR ROLLING    This was a huge hit at previous Off The Beaten Path Weddings. Nothing says wine country charm like someone rolling fresh cigars for the guys to enjoy. Feel free to keep this one a secret from your groom until the reception, it will make a great surprise gift!

photo booth fun
via Pinterest + Off The Beaten Path Weddings, Wendy K Yalom Photography

  PHOTO BOOTH    Everyone loves a photo booth, but we all know the guys secretly love wrapping boas around their neck for a silly photo or five. You can even hire companies like the Flying Camera or simply talk to your photographer about having a photo booth at the reception for guests to take some snapshots to remember the day with.

men get married too akvia Off The Beaten Path Weddings, Tanja Lippert

P.S. Need some ideas on how to keep him involved in the planning process? Check out our 5 ways to get your groom to help out with wedding planning.



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