Off The Beaten Path Weddings Celebrates One Year of LOVE: Melissa and Ian, September 29th, 2012

melissa and ianWe’re so thrilled to spend our Sunday wishing our Bridechilla™ , Melissa, and her husband Ian a very happy anniversary. Below we remember some of the special moments of their chill day, and we also sit back and let their talented photographer tell us how they stayed relaxed and so anti-zilla while planning, memorable moments and photos, anniversary advice, and what made their wedding, styled by Mary Ellen Murphy & the team behind Off The Beaten Path Weddings, so special and chill.

preceremonyAll photos were taken by our amazing friend and Off The Beaten Path Magic Maker, Wendy K Yalom.


As their photographer, you must have a favorite shot from their wedding. Which one would it be and why?

I could easily name 10 images from this wedding that are favorites – The first look, Melissa preparing to walk down the aisle with her dad, the table beautifully set in the golden September sunlight, the end of the evening with the full moon shining over the celebration and if I had to select just one – it would the image of Ian nuzzling Melissa in the vineyards.
IM116We had planned to slip away at sunset to capture a few quiet moments between the couple in the vineyards and discovered the FULL moon had just risen, stunning. The setting of this image is outstandingly romantic and what I love most about it is how solidly Ian is embracing Melissa in this photo and how beautifully happy and relaxed and in love she looks in his arms.
Chills when I look at it.

Tell us some memorable details about Melissa and Ian’s day.

A couple of key moments occur to me. A close friend of the Melissa & Ian reading this gorgeous passage from Emily Dickinson during their ceremony –

“It’s all I have to bring today
This, and my heart beside
This, and my heart, and all the fields
And all the meadows wide
Be sure you count  Should I forget
Some one the sum could tell
This, and my heart, and all the Bees
Which in the Clover dwell.”

Melissa’s dad toasting and the resulting uproarious laughter.

receptionThe wild Armenian dancing.

IM120 Late night s’mores and cigars.


What was your favorite thing about working with Melissa and Ian?

Melissa & Ian are the perfect blend of fun, easy-going and stylish. I heard a quote recently that somehow applies here – “I don’t take photos for money, I make money so I can continue to take photos”. I make money so I can continue to have the pleasure of capturing couples like Melissa & Ian and working with incredible people like The Off The Beaten Track folks.IM118

How did Melissa embrace the anti-zilla and keep her chill on their wedding day?

She was awesome! Melissa has great tastes and knows what she loves, my guess is she knew she was working with great people, she had awesomely devoted bridesmaids at her side and she continued to take moments for herself whenever she needed them.IM121

One year of chill love for this fabulous couple. Do you have any advice/words of love to send their way?

What could I possibly way to a couple that clearly knows how to love and trust one another. If I had to say anything, I would say ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY your love as often and deliberately as possible.




Wedding Planning + Styling: Off the Beaten Path Weddings

See more of Wendy’s work here

one yearTo many many many more chill years of love and happiness. -Bridechilla™ & Off The Beaten Path Weddings



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