Bridechilla™ Tip #38

Tip #38 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Remember the key behind a chill day is a chill team.

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Anyone else up to their ears in weddings right now? Wedding season has reached it’s peak and we’re realizing how amazing it is to be working with such a chill team, that we have to share with our Bridechilla’s how much we value the staff behind Off The Beaten Path Weddings.

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So far, we have celebrated one anniversary, one rehearsal dinner, five weddings, and plenty more to come. And there is not an event that goes by that we don’t feel thankful for our staff, and we must recommend this tip to our readers: having a strong, reliable, chill team will maximize the chillness of your wedding day. Make sure you have vendors you can trust with your wedding and creatives that you can connect with. Whether your wedding is designed, planned, and catered by Off The Beaten Path Weddings or another company, be sure to have a team behind the company that will deliver the chill day you deserve. Below, we have a few questions for Mary Ellen Murphy, Chief Inspiration Officer and Owner of Off The Beaten Path Weddings about having a chill team and how to find one.


What kind of qualities should a strong team have to execute an Off The Beaten Path Wedding?
Passion, a strong work ethic and desire to truly please, and a supportive attitude towards others on the team. The willingness to do whatever it takes with a smile on your face and pride in seeing the end result.  I focus on the key passion and talent of each individual team member and put them in roles where they excel..which ultimately leads to an amazing experience for the bride and groom, their families and their guests.

What advice would you offer to a Bridechilla-to-be searching for the ideal vendors?
I so strongly believe in the Team approach, that I have created my brand around that. For others putting their own team together, I would focus on putting vendors together who consistently work together. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of that.

Tell us about your favorite OTBP event so far this season and why it was so successful.
Well, hard to play favorites because you would never ask a parent who their favorite child is 🙂 Every wedding and couple is so different. However, as I am answering your question, I am still coming off of the “high” of last Saturday’s wedding in Healdsburg. My Off the Beaten Path Team-both Culinary and service were AMAZING. I often jokingly say to them, I will never give a 10 but shhhhh, they were at 10 🙂  And the wedding was a visual stunner – all because my team working together are a inspirational force!

fooooood and dessert

Thank you to Mary Ellen and the OTBPW Team, we’re so grateful
for all of your hard work!

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