Off The Beaten Path Celebrates One Year of LOVE: Lani and Patrick, September 1st, 2012

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We’re so thrilled to spend our Sunday wishing our Bridechilla™ , Lani, and her husband Patrick a very happy anniversary. Below we remember some of the special moments of their chill day, and we also sit back and let the couple tell us how they stayed relaxed and so anti-zilla while planning, how married life is, anniversary plans, and what made their wedding, styled by Mary Ellen Murphy & the team behind Off The Beaten Path Weddings, so special and chill. Photos by Onelove photography.


Happy anniversary! Any big plans?

We are going to stick around the Bay Area — hiking, biking and relaxing.

the table

What was the best part of your wedding day?

It’s hard to pinpoint one thing that stood out from the others! I honestly loved everything.

maggie bar

Tell us about your planning experience.

We lived in NYC at the time of the planning so it was frustrating at first not to be more involved in-person. That said it ended up being a pretty painless experience once we were able to let go of the things we couldn’t control.


Any advice for brides trying to avoid stress while planning?

Talk to a few different friends and/or family members who have recently been married and get their advice on planning 101. There are so many little details that ARE important and others that may seem like big deals but aren’t — it’s best to talk to people who have done it before and can give you a hindsight view. And if you are concerned about cost (which most of us are) getting creative with things like bringing your own alcohol (if the venue allows) and asking family members to contribute to the dessert table are simple ways to shave off thousands.

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One year of chill love – congratulations! So far, what has been the most valuable lesson learned in keeping a strong marriage?

Relationships are works in progress and while we have our arguments, what has helped us through the first year is open communication and never going to bed angry. Also, spending time with close friends and family (now that we live on the West Coast, close to our childhood homes) is vital to the strength of our marriage.

Night time


Wedding Planning + Styling: Off the Beaten Path Weddings

one yearTo many many many more chill years of love and happiness. -Bridechilla™ & Off The Beaten Path Weddings


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