Bridechilla™ Tip #35

Tip #35 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Cool off your wedding guests with a unique dessert idea, an ICE CREAM BAR!


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The whole world knows we’re huge dessert fans over here on Bridechilla™. Off The Beaten Path Weddings is too, in case you haven’t seen their luscious dessert inventions yet. And we still have summer heating us up, so we’re guessing that your wedding guests need a chill dessert to cool them after off wiggling all over the dance floor at your reception.

9ice cream

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We love the idea of wedding desserts that aren’t just a white cake with a floral accent. They will always be a classic, but nowadays there are SO. MANY. POSSIBILITIES. All the options can be distracting, but today we’re focusing on one that can satisfy many guests’ taste buds. Join us in using this hot weather as a perfect excuse to binge on your favorite ice cream flavors!

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Having an ice cream bar at your wedding is great for many reasons:

  1. You can have multiple flavors so everyone has a choice they like.
  2. It will help cool people off if your wedding lands on a hot summer day.
  3. You can name the flavors ridiculously cheesy titles like, “Mint To Be” (mint chip) “Chocolate Kiss”, “Wedding Cake”, or even “Rocky Road To My Heart” (maybe we should have left that last one out?) 🙂
  4. Include toppings! Nuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips, syrups… be creative.

    V.A. photography

  5. You can even include sugar free options!
  6. Imagine how few people have a dessert bar as chill as this, your wedding will automatically be more unique than most.


Erich McVey Photography

We can go on and on, but even if you’re watching calories, sugar, or just don’t {GASP!} enjoy ice cream, there is another frozen treat we can suggest: Frozen Yogurt! Or Froyo. This option has just as many possibilities, but is known to be more healthy.


via eatliverun

Whether you’re going traditional with a cake or maybe a pie, or taking us up on a dessert bar, we can’t help but love all desserts. What has been your favorite wedding dessert of all time? Why did you love it? Tell us in a comment below!


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