Bridechilla™ Tip #33

Tip #33 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Adorn your guests’ chairs with muslin, our new favorite (& totally affordable) material that adds just the right amount of chill elegance.

This week we came across a refreshing new take on chair decor. If you see below, we typically are fans of an understated elegance for the bride & groom chairs. An Off The Beaten Path Wedding has signature touches like these burlap Mr. & Mrs. signs:

burlap chairs by off the beaten path weddings

KT MERRY | Jessica Burke Photography

And we recently started using these wooden, shabby chic Mr. & Mrs. signs to adorn the bride and groom’s chairs too..

OTBPW Chairs

From Anna & David’s wedding:

off the beaten path chairs

But what are the best ways to decorate the rest of the chairs? Personally, chair covers are a little old and we have been dying to see something new. Luckily, Armenian Weddings read our minds and shared this amazing new use for muslin with this week. It’s just too gorgeous to keep under wraps!

1044434_653578228005650_1445652397_nWhy limit this gorgeous idea to your wedding reception? Use it in any formal setting or even your backyard (if you love it just as much as us!). And it gets better: the material is called muslin, which is very inexpensive and easy to find. Thank you Armenian Weddings for the share, plan on seeing this idea at an Off The Beaten Path Wedding this year!


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