Anna & David’s Off The Beaten Path Wedding

anna and david couple

This past weekend we celebrated the union of Off The Beaten Path couple, Anna & David. This chill couple kicked off the OTBPW 2013 season last Saturday at a private estate in Napa Valley. This was the first wedding of the season, so we thought it would be chill to have LIVE updates for our readers on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Twitter. We suggest you follow along with us as this is the first of MANY Bridechilla’s you will be able to gain live inspiration from as it is happening.

An Off The Beaten Path Wedding is known to be a celebration in nature full of creative touches and gracious hospitality. Anna & David’s wedding exemplified a true celebration in nature; full of organic infused design that only meant seasonal flowers, colors, olive branches folded in to the napkins, and much more. As much as this day was beautifully designed, it was just as much fun for the guests; as Mary Ellen Murphy would call it, “a party with a wedding thrown in”.

A wedding without walls is all about using natural surroundings for decor and making the most of the setting you’re in. The OTBPW team used the shade outside the Napa Valley private venue to serve spiked and unspiked lemonade to arriving guests, which were embellished with vibrant florals. Every table was adorned with pink hydrangeas and yellow blooms, creating a irresistible color palette and a pop of summer hues. The escort cards all hung on 3 plum trees, where they could be easily found during cocktail hour.


One of the most memorable aspects of the wedding was this chill dessert idea. Anna & David were so chill and so Off The Beaten Path by choosing to go above and beyond when it came to the standard wedding cake. Instead of just a cake, Anna & David let the Off The Beaten Path Wedding team run with a NEW idea – a dessert bar. This was hands-down one of the most favorite details to the wedding, which included everything from root beer floats and cheesecake to cookies and milkshake donuts. (Oh yes we did) Tons of guests captured images of this new Off The Beaten Path signature detail, but we made sure to gather some images of our own to show our Bridechilla™ readers.

anna and david dessert

Anna & David’s chill dessert bar, featuring OTBPW invention, “Milkshake Donuts”

anna and david chillin

Guests were greeted with the choice of spiked or unspiked lemonade, a trademark by Off The Beaten Path Weddings (and a must-have drink for
a summer wedding in our opinion…)




a big chill thank you to the Off The Beaten Path Weddings Team for all your
hard work last Saturday!

We look forward to sharing more inspiring details from this Summer’s weddings, but nothing compares to getting the inspiration as it is happening. To follow us and catch more of the OTBPW Team in action find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



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