Bridechilla™ Tip #31

Tip #31 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Throw an awesomely chill 4th of July party in your backyard!


Summer has definitely arrived here in the golden state, and if you aren’t feeling the heat yet, you will be very soon. Since there’s not much we can do about the hot weather, we might as well do our best to enjoy it then, right? And we can’t think of a better time than the Fourth of July to throw a backyard party with good friends, good food, and maybe a little fireworks…

Here are our some of our favorite ways to keep a 4th of July party chill:


Keep it simple with serving fresh berries (totally in season & delicious right now) and soda pop in those classic Coca Cola bottles. This is a great way to give your backyard party a vintage American feel, and these details will not be very hard to find at your local grocery stores.


Refreshments please!  For the non-soda lovers, you must include this signature Off The Beaten Path Wedding detail at all your parties this summer. Everyone will love it! Serve your guests lemonade, with spiked & not spiked options to keep everyone hydrated and chill.


Nothing screams “All-American” like the classic mason jar. Use these for cups at your party and even make them more festive by embellishing them with a red, white, & blue striped straw.

Side note: check out that nail art!


Don’t stress over decor. A simple backyard party is easier to throw than ever. Other than hanging American flags everywhere, you can try this: make flag banners by cutting paint-chip cards from your local hardware store into triangles. Using a hole punch, cut two holes at the top edges of each triangle. String together using white ribbon, separating triangles about 1 inch apart. (Thank you for this helpful & affordable tip!)

6895182b2471865adf28700b35c6b02cBlair’s festive chic.

Stay cool, chill, and cute in a summer dress! Our Bridechilla Julia has picked out a few patriotic looks on her blog, Tartan & Sequins. Can’t go wrong with any of these 4th of July Styles.

1edf8045e4b6e08f50bdfa98d279b01dSparkle, sparkle. It might be in the 90’s or higher where you celebrate the holiday, so try to take your mind off of the heat with some fireworks. Everyone enjoys the hand held sparklers, and they are even suitable for children.


Happy Independence Day from Off The Beaten Path Weddings & Bridechilla.
Celebrate responsibly!


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