Off The Beaten Path Celebrates One Year of LOVE: Kensey & Dan June 22nd, 2012


Happy Saturday Bridechillas! We hope you’re sitting back and enjoying a relaxing Saturday morning. Meanwhile, we’re raising our coffee mugs to our Bridechilla™, Kensey, and her husband Dan because today is their first wedding anniversary. Below we remember some of the special moments of their chill day, as told by their event stylist, Mary Ellen Murphy of Off The Beaten Path Weddings.


What was your favorite thing about working with Kensey and Dan? Kensey’s uncle, Ken is a dear friend and I was honored to share a part of that very special families celebration!


How did Kensey embrace the chill & be a total anti-zilla?
By surrounding herself with an amazing support team of family and friends. Everybody had a role and the energy of love and sharing was addicting. Even her grandmother participated by making her famous pizzas. The food and the atmosphere was such a thrill of which to participate!

Tell us some memorable details that stood out to you about Kensey and Dan’s wedding day.
The photograph garden-there was a beautiful area with a huge ancient oak tree. They had a gallery of photos that people could visit. At night, there were fire pits everywhere…

To many many many more chill years of love and happiness. -Bridechilla™ & Off The Beaten Path Weddings

one year

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