Bridechilla™ Tip #29

Tip #29 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Keep your wedding party CHILL by taking them on a group bike ride with Napa Valley Bike Tours.

napa valley bike tours

IMAGINE. It’s finally here, the week of your wedding. After all the venue hunting, planning, finding that perfect chalkboard touch you were looking for, deciding on the ultimate floral crown, & even purchasing some very chill bridesmaid gifts, what else is there to do? If you ask us, we’re thinking it’s time to C H I L L. If you’re a California Bridechilla, we suggest a heavy dose of chill  by getting outside, unplugging from our cellphones, and truly enjoying all that wine country has to offer. To make this outdoor experience even more perfect, why not try it on bike? There’s no reason not to take this chance to see Napa Valley from a whole new perspective, especially when our friends at Napa Valley Bike Tours make it so easy.


Napa Valley Bike Tours has hosted numerous wedding groups on private and bespoke guided bike tours; in fact, they’ve even hosted a few of our Bridechillas who have had their Off The Beaten Path Wedding in Napa. Napa Valley Bike Tours hosts bike rides for bachelorette and groomsmen trips, as well as private bike tours for bridal parties and select family members the day before (or even after) the nuptials. Taking one of these tours is the ultimate chill activity that engages everyone in the beautiful destination you’ve chosen for your wedding, while making for a great pre-wedding memory. Let go of that smart phone and try this on for size!

napa valley bike tours2

How will you relax on your wedding week? By having a bicycle ride date with your groom-to-be, or by taking the whole party?

napa valley bike tour3

So IMAGINE a long adventure through Napa Valley concluding in an outdoor picnic under the shade.. can you say C H I L L? We can’t think of a more relaxing adventure than one that lets us nature, food, and the California sunshine all in one day.

napa valley bike tours4

To find out more information about Napa Valley Bike Tours for private bike tours, click here.

napa valley bike tours5

All photos provided by Napa Valley Bike Tours


A big THANK YOU to all of our new readers & followers, we are so grateful for each of you! Please don’t forget to stop by our shop sometime and see some other ways  you can wear the chill.

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