Off The Beaten Path Celebrates One Year of LOVE: Alana & Peter, June 2, 2012

anna and peter

Alana & Peter from rose street studio on Vimeo.

We’re so thrilled to start our week off by wishing our Bridechilla™ , Alana, and her husband Peter a very happy anniversary. Below we remember some of the special moments of their chill day, as told by their event stylist, Mary Ellen Murphy of Off The Beaten Path Weddings.

What was your favorite thing about working with Alana and Peter? The amazing connection and respect that they had for each other. It was such an honor to see such committed love. There were times when it was like they were the only ones. They had a very gentle style and Peter had such a sense of humor-which kept Alana chill!

How did Alana embrace the chill & be a total anti-zilla?
She spent her wedding day with mom and her wedding party and they did their own hair/make up. I know some would say that is hardly chill, but it was a very special time for them-sharing the experience.
Tell us some memorable details that stood out to you about Alana and Peter’s wedding day.
We did an amuse course that was so wonderful! Miniature onion soups with gruyere cheese baked on site. There were served on top of freshly picked grape leaves from the vineyard.
one yearTo many many many more chill years of love and happiness. -Bridechilla™ & Off The Beaten Path Weddings


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