Bridechilla™ Tip #23

Tip #23 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Take a fun photo with your bridesmaids! It will reflect the fun and unique relationship you have together.

happy bridechilla

Admit it, you L O V E these photos when you come across them. We do too and think they are awesome additions to have in your wedding album. Of course, we all love the picturesque shots in beautiful settings, with soft smiles, perfect light, and perfect hair… but how about having a little fun with your poses? We think there’s nothing better than a shot that will capture the laughs and love that you share for your bridesmaids. Whether it’s candid or planned, a photo like the one below is guaranteed to be one of your favorite shots from your chill day.

funny bridesmaids photo

Have fun with your Bridechilla™ team! Photos like this are fun to capture, and fun to look back on. They’re both funny and unique, and will be passed around for years.

fun bridesmaids d8b45f74e5dc6d4b94f034f963f6de59
Have fun with props, too! These could always be used later in a photobooth for your guests.


We also love these shots with the maid-of-honor, very cute and fun.

And how about a morning of the wedding shot? You can have fun with this one for sure!


And how can we forget this one…

so much fun

Surround yourself with a fun bridal party and remember to capture the reasons why they are by your side on your chill day. Take this tip with an open mind and BE CREATIVE! We’d love to see some fun shots from our Bridechillas and their chill team, so share away!


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