Unique Wedding Attire

A white dress and a black tux are tradition for a wedding in the states, but we can’t help but turn our heads when we find a wedding that is something a little more different than we’re used to. Not only are the bride and groom dressing differently, but so are the guests. Unique wedding attire is fun, cultural, and interesting to see. From a cultural themed ceremony to a fun 60’s themed ceremony, we’re loving all the chill and out-of-the-ordinary fashions. Have you ever been invited to a wedding with an out of the norm guest attire? What did you wear? Below we have listed some of our most chill finds for wedding attire.

bermuda shorts

How about these bermuda shorts from this Napa Valley wedding by Off The Beaten Path Weddings? Definitely adds a splash of color (and surprise!).

(Photo by KT Merry Photography)


And let’s talk about this English piece of millinery, the fascinator. Has anyone ever sported one of these? These seem like fancy little hats, but to British women fascinators are essential for any wedding or formal event.



Just to clarify, we’re looking at the OUTERWEAR for unique wedding attire, but that first photo was just dying to be shared! This Scottish themed wedding from Love Wed Bliss is a perfect example of cultural attire that we love. It’s so chill of the groomsmen to come together to wear kilts in honor of the groom’s heritage.

(Photo by Wanted Imagery)

  indian wedding

We love how this Bridechilla™ wore both a traditional gown and her cultural wedding gown for the ceremony and reception. This entire wedding is full of color and there are tons of captivating images to prove it.

(Photography by Jihan Abdalla Photography)

60s wedding theme

There is nothing more CHILL than a 60’s wedding theme. We love these hair pieces (and check out those peace sign cookies!) and think guests would have a great time dressing up for this one. You could even wear a flower crown!



Jumping a few decades back to the 1920’s, we’re loving both of these Great Gatsby inspired looks from 100 Layer Cake. How fun would it be to have flapper bridesmaids? And imagine how creative you can be with all the decorations!

(Photography: Belathée Photography)

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What? You didn’t think we’d forget the guests of honor did you? 😉  We saved the best for last! If your furry guests aren’t wearing a tux or a floral collar, we encourage you to jump on over to our Bridechilla™ shop to get the Bridechilla™ Deja so all your guests know that his mama is a BRIDECHILLA™!


Buy the Bridechilla™ Deja by clicking here. Have a great day Bridechillas!


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