Bridechilla™ Tip #25

Tip #24 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Have seasonal fruits as wedding favors!  cedd2e1d884e92ee539ff7dea39cc64c

This is a great tip for the DIY Bridechilla™ because it will give the opportunity to get crafty with packaging options. Using seasonal produce as a wedding favor is easy, chill, and delectable… not to mention it won’t blow the bank! You can buy your favors in bulk, package them in jars or burlap bags (if they’re small like cherries) or create a custom sticker with a personalized monogram to stick on them (if they’re something like apples or pears). Here are some of our favorite picks for favors categorized by season:


Strawberries and cherries are great favor ideas for a spring wedding, and we just love the pops of bright red they bring to the day. You can bag them up or make a homemade jam with a customized label. Or, you can even give your guests a strawberry plant to grow at home. Either way, both of these spring treats make scrumptious favors… and great snacks for the ride home!


Summer is just around the corner and if your wedding is too, you might want to start preparing yourself by knowing when the farmer’s market happens in your town. For a summer wedding, find produce like apples and berries. You can take either and make homemade jam or apple butter for your guests. Label with a cute phrase like, “we thank you berry much” or something even more clever.


To our Bridechillas having a fall wedding, we love love love these organic herb plants as favors. Pick up herb such as parsley, sage, rosemary, or thyme. These will have an aroma that your guests will enjoy, and you can tie them with twine and a tag that says “let love grow”,  or just a simple “thank you”. You can definitely have fun with this one Bridechillas!


Pears also make a great wedding favor for a winter wedding. Imagine how chill and stress free this guest favor is – order a custom sticker, stick in on, make a cute table with a sign reading, “take a pear” or “we make a perfect pear” and you’re set! The silly phrases are endless, but so are the possibilities of using seasonal produce for wedding favors. We’re only trying to inspire you to explore your options… now what seasonal produce will you transform in to a wedding favor?


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Bridechilla™ Tip #24

Tip #24 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Subscribe to the Bridechilla™ Blog!


So you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter, and you’re even pinning away (have you checked out our Bridechilla board?) with us on Pinterest, which are all key ways to follow the chill, but here is one more way you can stay even more up-to-date with the inspiration: We highly encourage you to subscribe to our posts by e-mail! Beneath our Pinterest graphic on the sidebar to the right of this post, you will see a “Subscribe by e-mail” option, and that is where you will be able to enter your e-mail and keep up with our posts as well as be a part of our monthly newsletter that is currently in production. And don’t worry – we are not going to spam your inbox. We’re too chill for that 😉


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The lilacs have bloomed in Napa!

BRIDECHILLAS, if you are in the Napa area in the near future – we highly encourage you to stop by Off The Beaten Path at First and Main to see these beautiful blooms.

Not only is this shop full of inspirational details for your wedding (or any upcoming event that needs some chill styling!), but there are heaps of beautiful lilacs to go around. They won’t be here long, so go by and get some for your home, office, or just for someone special.


Some lilac fun facts:

  • Lilacs attract butterflies… more reason to get these beautiful bouquets!
  • Lilacs were grown in America’s first botanical gardens. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew them in their gardens. Lilac bushes can live for hundreds of years, so who knows, a bush planted way back when may actually still be around
  • They are native to Eastern Europe and Asia. The colonists brought them to America in the 17th century.
  • Poet Walt Whitman thought of lilacs when Abraham Lincoln died:“When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d . . . I mourn’d, and yet hall mourn with ever-returning spring.”
  • On caring for your lilacs when growing them at home – keep the grass from growing around them. Try using a 16 to 24 inch circle of landscape cloth placed around the bushes and covered with bark or stone will keep the grass down.

Need directions to Off The Beaten Path at First & Main? Click here for a map to the shop! See you there…


Bridechilla™ Tip #23

Tip #23 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Take a fun photo with your bridesmaids! It will reflect the fun and unique relationship you have together.

happy bridechilla

Admit it, you L O V E these photos when you come across them. We do too and think they are awesome additions to have in your wedding album. Of course, we all love the picturesque shots in beautiful settings, with soft smiles, perfect light, and perfect hair… but how about having a little fun with your poses? We think there’s nothing better than a shot that will capture the laughs and love that you share for your bridesmaids. Whether it’s candid or planned, a photo like the one below is guaranteed to be one of your favorite shots from your chill day.

funny bridesmaids photo

Have fun with your Bridechilla™ team! Photos like this are fun to capture, and fun to look back on. They’re both funny and unique, and will be passed around for years.

fun bridesmaids d8b45f74e5dc6d4b94f034f963f6de59
Have fun with props, too! These could always be used later in a photobooth for your guests.


We also love these shots with the maid-of-honor, very cute and fun.

And how about a morning of the wedding shot? You can have fun with this one for sure!


And how can we forget this one…

so much fun

Surround yourself with a fun bridal party and remember to capture the reasons why they are by your side on your chill day. Take this tip with an open mind and BE CREATIVE! We’d love to see some fun shots from our Bridechillas and their chill team, so share away!


Unique Wedding Attire

A white dress and a black tux are tradition for a wedding in the states, but we can’t help but turn our heads when we find a wedding that is something a little more different than we’re used to. Not only are the bride and groom dressing differently, but so are the guests. Unique wedding attire is fun, cultural, and interesting to see. From a cultural themed ceremony to a fun 60’s themed ceremony, we’re loving all the chill and out-of-the-ordinary fashions. Have you ever been invited to a wedding with an out of the norm guest attire? What did you wear? Below we have listed some of our most chill finds for wedding attire.

bermuda shorts

How about these bermuda shorts from this Napa Valley wedding by Off The Beaten Path Weddings? Definitely adds a splash of color (and surprise!).

(Photo by KT Merry Photography)


And let’s talk about this English piece of millinery, the fascinator. Has anyone ever sported one of these? These seem like fancy little hats, but to British women fascinators are essential for any wedding or formal event.



Just to clarify, we’re looking at the OUTERWEAR for unique wedding attire, but that first photo was just dying to be shared! This Scottish themed wedding from Love Wed Bliss is a perfect example of cultural attire that we love. It’s so chill of the groomsmen to come together to wear kilts in honor of the groom’s heritage.

(Photo by Wanted Imagery)

  indian wedding

We love how this Bridechilla™ wore both a traditional gown and her cultural wedding gown for the ceremony and reception. This entire wedding is full of color and there are tons of captivating images to prove it.

(Photography by Jihan Abdalla Photography)

60s wedding theme

There is nothing more CHILL than a 60’s wedding theme. We love these hair pieces (and check out those peace sign cookies!) and think guests would have a great time dressing up for this one. You could even wear a flower crown!



Jumping a few decades back to the 1920’s, we’re loving both of these Great Gatsby inspired looks from 100 Layer Cake. How fun would it be to have flapper bridesmaids? And imagine how creative you can be with all the decorations!

(Photography: Belathée Photography)

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What? You didn’t think we’d forget the guests of honor did you? 😉  We saved the best for last! If your furry guests aren’t wearing a tux or a floral collar, we encourage you to jump on over to our Bridechilla™ shop to get the Bridechilla™ Deja so all your guests know that his mama is a BRIDECHILLA™!


Buy the Bridechilla™ Deja by clicking here. Have a great day Bridechillas!