How to Honor Lost Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

While browsing through Pinterest yesterday we came across this touching photo of a mantlepiece, decorated with photos of lost loved ones.


Photo by Amanda K Photography

As lovely as this mantlepiece was as decor, it’s meaning was even more beautiful. At the bottom of the mantle were candles, and on the top there were quite a few tastefully mismatched frames carrying photos of lost loved ones. Many of us get to our big day and are unfortunately have already lost someone we wanted to be present at such a special event in our lives, and we find ourselves trying to think of ways to keep their memory there on a very important day.
You can remember your loved one by including them in your speech during the reception, including their favorite color in your bouquet, or even wearing something they wore on their wedding day. Here are some more ideas on how to keep their memory alive on a day you will miss them most:


Antique bottles make great frames for old photos, and could even be placed at the welcome table or hang them from the tree with some lights.


With every step down the aisle you can remember the one you lost.. loved this idea.


Place their favorite flowers, or their favorite colors in a basket near the alter.


Love this idea because it can be carried with you through the day and also kept as a keepsake after the wedding.


It works with the groom as well!

Lastly, please hop on over to Sweet Paul to see this DIY that you can do with old photographs too, it would be perfect to hang on a tree or small plant. There are tons of ways to add a special touch like this to your chill day, and which ever way makes you feel closest to the guest that you miss most is up to you and your spouse. As long as their memory is present not only in your ceremony, but your heart.



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