Floral Crown Inspiration For Brides

Well, it’s no secret that we’re in love with floral crowns as a veil alternative (Um, hello?! Have you seen our spring wedding inspiration board?!) and it’s about time we share some of our favorite looks for a chill spring wedding. Flowers in your hair are officially no longer limited to flower girls anymore, so let’s UNVEIL the chill that is hair adornments and accessories for brides.

floral crown inspiration

floral crown bride

Having a floral crown instead of a veil adds a fairytale-esque feeling to your chill day, and it’s become something that you can even make on your own. Check out the DIY by Hello May by clicking the image below!

diy floral crown
If any of our Bridechillas take on this DIY we would love to see!


floral haloNow, don’t get us wrong – veils will always be the definition of a classic bridal beauty, but you have to admit that the rose floral crowns above just add a sense of effortless and modern beauty. Just in case you aren’t DIY savvy, below we’ve shared a few great online shops where you can find some of this natural chill beauty for yourself.

floral crown inspiration

  1. Whimsical White Floral Crown by Gardens of Whimsy
  2. Rose Bloom Crown by Nasty Gal
  3. Cherry Blossom Crown by The Honey Comb
  4. Sakura Halo by BHLDN

See, even the pup’s got the idea 😉


Go ahead Bridechillas, it’s time to be unveiled.

Credits: Photo 1 by Life in Still Photography  PHOTO 2 by jose villa
Photo 3 by Erin & Tara  Photo 4 by Kim Le Photography Photo 5 by Eric Boneske



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