Bridechilla™ Tip #20

Tip #20 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Remind your groom to have some fun on the wedding day.


So your chill day is finally here! And you and the chill gals might be staying at a hotel with plans to use the entire morning to get ready for the day. And of course, the guys only take a small percentage of the time you do to get ready and need something fun to occupy the rest of their time until the ceremony. Being the Bridechilla™ that you are, you want to make sure your groom has something planned to keep the boys enjoying their day while the girls get dolled up.

wedding party

Here are some chill ideas for groomsmen activities:

  • Of course, the most popular suggestion is to play golf. If your groom loves the game this would be a fun activity for them.
  • If they’re not golf fans, suggest a trip to the batting cages or a game of football… just make sure everyone comes back in one piece 🙂
  • A card game or a game of pool are also great suggestions (and are much safer too).
  • Brunch! Having a meal will keep their energy up for the big day ahead, and would also be a great way to relax.
  • On the morning of the wedding, have the boys go to a classic barber shop for a shave.
  • Take photos. This would be a perfect time to have your photographer get some shots of your groom and his groomsmen. If you need ideas for posing, there’s a few funny ones on our Pinterest!

Boys just want to have fun!


No matter what your grooms are up to on your chill day, it is important they are having FUN and enjoy the day from start to finish. Let the boys be boys and the girls will be girls. And everyone will be C H I L L.



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