Bridechilla™ Tip #19

Tip #19 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Remember that having a chill day means to be stress free. Enjoy yourself.

A lot of brides become stressed and overwhelmed when their wedding day has arrived. Before you cross over to the dark side (we’re anti-bridezilla, remember?) take a BREATH and think about the amazing day you are about to experience. Remember that there is nothing more frightening than an overstressed, strung out bride on what is supposed to be a CHILL day. Sit back, relax, and say “I do” with the tips we’ve listed below. Enjoy your day, enjoy love. Be the chill.


be the chill

  • Write a love letter to your husband-to-be. This will remind you what your chill day is all about and put a smile on your face as well.
  • Having a morning at the spa with your bridesmaids will start your day off with relaxation in a stress free environment.
  • Being comfortable is important. And you can’t go wrong with these robes we found on Etsy, plus your Bridechilla™ Team will love them as gifts!
  • Give yourself extra time to get ready. Sometimes we underestimate how much time goes in to getting dolled up, so giving yourself plenty of wiggle room will prevent you from feeling rushed.
  • Be the prime example of a Bridechilla™ means staying calm when things go wrong, so you want to expect the unexpected. Remember you cannot control everything so handle it with a chill attitude, and everything will sort itself out.
  • Get lots of sleep! Have a good night of rest before your wedding. Yawning during the ceremony is not something you want to be doing 😉
  • Eat a good breakfast. Make sure you have a hearty breakfast and this will keep you energized for your day.
  • Stay hydrated! It will be a long day, so this will also keep your energy up.
  • Have a plan. Of course plans aren’t bulletproof, but they will keep you a lot more prepared and relaxed about the itinerary of your day.
  • Enjoy a nice glass of wine and just R E L A X.


Photo by Yan Photo.


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