Pumpkin Decor Wrap Up

If you are keeping up with our Facebook, you probably have noticed that we’ve completely fallen in love with PUMPKINS this fall. Who knew they could be so flexible for decoration? From painted pumpkins to the ones we’re about to show you- these are a must have decor detail that work around the house and at your chill day.

1. Chevron Pumpkins – one of our favorites.

2. Pumpkins as a fire pit outside – fun for an outdoor idea.

3. Pumpkin-mum – carve out your pumpkin and place a mum in them. If you have a face carved in it already, just turn it around and keep out for Thanksgiving.

4. DIY Painted Pumpkin – use as a fall centerpiece! Aren’t these cute?

5. Pumpkin Chiller – never thought of this, but isn’t this so neat? Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Decor Wrap Up

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