How To Order Invitations Like a Bridechilla™

If your Christmas gift this year consists of a four word question and a shiny new ornament for your finger, chances are you’ll be getting married sometime in the near future. But before the wedding bells begin ringing, you’re going to have to start planning. And once you have your wedding day firmly locked down, the first thing you’ll want to do is notify guests with a trendy save the date.

The best thing about save the dates is that they are by far the most chill type of wedding stationery you’ll send out. You can make them fun or even a little silly, just as long as they reflect your personality. Also, the wording doesn’t have to be extremely eloquent either, allowing you to preserve all that pretty prose for those formal wedding invitations. And save the dates are mailed out so far in advance that you don’t have to worry about them matching the overall look and style of your wedding. Just find a design that you like and go with it. Or if you feel like being really different, you can even send a unique save the date magnet like the ones from Wedding Paper Divas. These distinct early reminders will not only stick to everyone’s fridge, but they will stick to their minds as well.

However, it is the holidays, and as a Bridechilla™-to-be the last thing you should be dealing with is all the stress that holiday shopping can cause. So instead of fighting the crowds and spending hours scouring the stores for that perfect save the date or wedding invitation, relax and bring your stationery search to the comfort of your big cozy couch by shopping online. Doing this will save you tons of time and headache because customizing your cards online is extremely fast and easy. And if you ever need any help or just a second opinion, you can even peel your fiancé away from the football game in order to assist in the design process. Just remember to kick up your feet, pour yourself a soothing cup of chamomile tea and chill out while you customize your absolutely stunning wedding stationery.

Get comfortable and start your search Bridechillas!


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