Chill Etsy Finds: Bridesmaid Dresses

After inviting your bridesmaids to join the Bridechilla™ Team, it’s time to answer the burning question they must all have: “what are we wearing?” and we have some options that are totally chill and flexible for your team of bridesmaids. Etsy has many choices for dresses, but we’ve found that the convertible dresses are perfect for the group of gals wanting a consistent color, but unique styles. These dresses offer comfortableness and class, making for the perfect Bridesmaid dress! More options below.

Octopus Convertable Wrap Dress by Coralie Beatrix

ConvertibleInfinity Wrap Dress (many colors available!) by TheRadicalThreadCo

Infinity Wrap Dress by SashCouture1

Infinity Wrap Dress by MJVO Couture (can you tell me love these convertible dresses?)

Infinity Dress With Chiffon Skirt by christintina

The Hayley Dress by katherinelkerrison

Cotton Bridesmaid Dress by laceyouup

Classic Cocktail Dress by LovelyMelodyClothing

3 thoughts on “Chill Etsy Finds: Bridesmaid Dresses

  1. AWESOME to see the octopus wrap dresses (the first image) on this list, these are what my ‘maids are wearing! ❤ I'm jealous of how cool they are that I'm going to have to get one for myself! haha
    I picked these because:
    a) they're not outrageously priced
    b)the girls can style themselves to their comfort/fashion
    c) they're wearable again and again after the wedding, unlike some of those over the top formal bridesmaids gowns.

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