Bridechilla™ Tip #9

Tip #8 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Play up your wedding gown with fun accessories.

….now THAT’S a Bridechilla™. This darling Santa Margarita Wedding was featured on one of our favorite wedding blogs, Green Wedding Shoes. We couldn’t help but share this awesome look for a Bridechilla™. Nothing says “chill” like pairing your gown with a jean jacket, pink lipstick, and some orange sunglasses.

Photo by onelove photography.


Rustic Wedding Chic GIVEAWAY

That’s right Bridechillas, Mountainside Bride is throwing another giveaway for you to enter. Written by Maggie Lord, Rustic Wedding Chic offers everything from Real Weddings to Guidance & Advice, and also has a “Get The Look” section which we LOVE. Did we mention this was a GIVEAWAY?? Let’s see one of our Bridechillas win this awesome {signed} copy.

Five Ways to Win:

Contest ends September 30th!

Perla and Brian’s Napa Valley Wedding Featured on Becker!

Featured on this week, a true Off The Beaten Path Wedding. Congratulations to our Bridechilla™, Perla and her hubby Brian! See more photos on and oh- don’t miss the groom’s shoes… 😉

Bridal Shower Ideas

We’re always, always, always on the look out for the newest ideas for our Bridechillas and their Bridechilla™ Team, not only for the big day but the little days leading up to it. For example, the Bridal Shower.

Having fun treats like cake pops keeps the shower fun and sweet, and we just love the decorated cookies too. They’re easy to make, tasty, and add splashes of color to a fun party for the Bridechilla™.

After seeing mychiclife‘s inspiring post, bountiful with fresh bridal shower ideas, we have to share. Keeping the chill is key to the celebration of marriage, so as the Bridechilla™ Team, it is your duty to help your girl keep calm, even when stress is all around… and these gift ideas are just perfect for the party. With bottles customized for the couple, the bride will be calmly saying her “I do’s” on the special day.

Oh, and of course, why not sport some Bridechilla™ teamwear for all this Bridal Shower fun?


Get Inspired: Vintage Decor Idea

This table runner looks like it came from an Off The Beaten Path Wedding, but actually- we found this chill idea from Buckets of Burlap, a blog dedicated to vintage decor and fleamarket treasures. Sounds like a Bridechilla™ Decor jackpot, right? Here is our favorite treasure, an old shutter made into a table runner. This is perfect for the Bridechilla looking for that perfect piece of vintage decor to awe her guests!

See more vintage decor inspiration at!

Amanda + Trav on Green Wedding Shoes

Talk about a chill wedding! We came across this Bridechilla’s wedding on GWS and couldn’t help but share. This Autumn New Zealand wedding is anything but zilla. From the sweet little white church to the cotton candy at the reception, this NZ couple knows how to keep the chill! Cheers to Amanda and Trav!

Photo by Coralee & Alex.

Bridechilla™ Tip #8

Tip #8 – How to be a BRIDECHILLA™ – Did someone say Pumpkin and Pear Butter? Stay seasonal not only with florals for your big day, but for wedding favors.

The Blackberry Farm larder team has been prepping one of our favorite local food items, just in time for a chill autumn wedding… we’re thinking these would make delicious favors for guests!

DIY Decor

Isn’t this table rad? We love the idea of DIY Home Decor and think this Paisley stenciled table would look ravishing in any Bridechilla™ room!

Here are the steps:

  • Sand down your old wood table
  • Get white paint and stencil the top
  • Go over the whole thing with a dark stain
  • VIOLA… the perfect piece of Bridechilla™ decor…

Photo shows table halfway done… see the completed
table on Domestic Imperfection!

A Bridechilla™ Must-Have Dessert…

Did someone say Dessert? Join us this September while we enjoy this undeniably perfect dessert, the Peach-Raspberry Trifle. And check out those jars! This dessert would also make amazing treats at your wedding. Keep the chill… tastefully. 😉


1 8-inch round coconut sponge cake (or another sponge cake of your choosing), unfrosted, at room temperature, and cut into 1″ cubes.

For the peach compote:
4 large ripe peaches, peeled, pitted, and sliced
3/4 cup sugar
1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
1/3 cup bourbon

For the trifle:
2 tbsp. bourbon
2 cups tapioca pudding
1 1/2 cup (6 oz.) fresh raspberries
3/4 cup heavy cream


1. Make the peach compote: In a heavy saucepan over medium heat, combine peaches, sugar, vanilla bean and bourbon. Simmer until a thick syrup forms and the peaches are extra soft, about 15 minutes. Discard vanilla bean, remove from heat and allow compote to cool completely.

2. Assemble the trifle: Have ready 4 clean 8 oz. mason jars with lids. In the bottom of each jar, place 5 or 6 cake cubes. Gently drizzle each portion of cake with 1/2 tbsp. of bourbon. On top of the cake layer, evenly divide the raspberries among the 4 jars. On top of the raspberries, evenly divide the tapioca pudding. (After the tapioca gets added you may want to wipe down the inside of the jar with a damp paper towel to remove any pudding smudges.) On top of the pudding, divide the peach compote among the 4 jars.

3. Whip the cream until stiff peaks form. Top each jar off with a layer of whipped cream, screw on the lid, and keep refrigerated until serving, no longer than six hours.

Photo by Anna Stockwell + Recipe from SAVEUR.

Alana & Peter

Essential to every wedding day, vows are a beautiful string of words that tie together the beginning of every marriage. From the “I promise” to “I will” to the “I do”, Alana and Peter are a perfect example of why vows are the most important strings to any wedding day. See their vows below… and grab a tissue!

Alana & Peter from rose street studio on Vimeo.